Kings Park

Kings Park is an Icon for Perth. A short uphill walk from the CBD, it is an enormous space, mainly in its native state with panoramic views across the Swan River to the city. Julie and I spent a couple of hours with a volunteer guide walking through the ungardened section, looking at native plants growing au natural.

These are some of the images I captured. All plants are local to the area.




A Gallery of Transport in Venice

Transport on Venice is unique.

You can arrive and leave by train or bus (many do, especially the workers, as it is too expensive for them to live in Venice itself). You can visit via Cruise liner – there were 4 or 5 each day this size each with at least 2000 passengers. There equivalents of a bus are just as crowded as ours in Australia. It is much more fun to catch a water taxi. Garbage boats can only collect when the tide is low enough for them to get under the bridges. Yes, every thing is delivered by water so they have boats that act just like trucks. And here are the Gondolas – I cannot think of any equivalent to a Gondola anywhere.