Tour Guides

After a week of fending for ourselves we have come to see the advantages of great tour guides. For a start, an organised tour like the “Italian Concerto” that we did with Trafalgar everything is organised for you – your transport, meals,activities runs smoothly because a Tour Director spends their life on the phone making arrangements and paying bribes to make sure that you get what you want. An example on our trip was that The Gyro D’Italia completely shut down traffic on the Amalfi Oast and could have prevented our Day on the Isle of Carpri. Apparently it took 2 hours to find 4 hire cars and drivers to cover for the bus that couldn’t make the trip. Our Tour Director was Barbara “Don’t call me Barbie!” and she was wonderful. Here she is pictured on the boat tour of Carpri.


While the Tour Director has a good general knowledge of where we are going and the local s history, geography etc, in each position local experts lead the group. it is not just their knowledge, but their passion for the place they live that really fills it with personality.

Following are images of three of our local guides. Elenanor proved her point that “all Romans are crazy” – but her craze is Rome itself. Henrico as our guide to Pompei was the claimant to more knowledge about the brothels of of this city than any man living. Who could dispute him? Willy showed us the Isle of Carpri from top to bottom and all around. Then, Michelangelo had such knowledge and passion for the history and architecture ofthe Amalfi area that you could not help but love him for it.