Flying over Water, Iceand Land in NZ

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I suffer seriously from motion sickness. I have been seasick in the Galapogas Is, airsick in a balloon over the Masai Mara and revoltingly sick for two hours in a light plane over Lake Argylle in Western Australia. These were all expensive, excruciating occasions! So it was with trepidation (and medication) I took of from Lake Tepako for a 45 min Air Safari Grand Traverse flight over the glaciers around Mt Cook, highest peak in NZ. Edit


 The flight was smooth, the pills worked and the weather was amazing. I would like to share some photos. 

Edit The pictures show Glenmore sheep station, adjoining the lake, the braided Godley River and glaciers and peaks surrounding Mt Cook. Edit Shown first is the Murchison Glacier, then the Tasman, the Franz Josef and the Fox. The peak is that of Aoraki/Mt Cook (3754m)