About Gary & Julie Lawrence from Sydney, Australia

Nearly 3 years later (April 2013) and it is time to revive our travelling blog, Passing~Time. In four weeks time we will leave for 8 weeks in Europe and another opportunity for others to virtually travel with us. If you read our posts or subscribe to follow us, please leave a comment some time in encouragement.

This is our retirement year and we have been dreaming about an Australian Caravan trip for 30 years – now is the time. We will temporarily leave our home in Bangor in southern Sydney and our family of three sons, Daniel, Stuart and Simon, Daughters in Law Kylie, Rebecca and Gemma and five grandchildren Shayna, Bradley, Imogen, Tyler and Mason. We will also be out of contact except through email blog and phone with my Mum and Julie’s sister and brother-in-law, not to mention my big family of brothers and sisters – just how did Captain Cook’s family manage when he went sailing off for years at a time? Maybe Mrs Cook was secretly pleased with the peace and quiet!

Julie is finishing her work career working in HR for the GST division of the Australian Tax Office. Don’t blame her for your tax bill as she has always delegated all stuff taxation in our household to Gary. He is just about finished with High School teaching after 44 years of Administration and teaching  science, computing, photography and multi media.

Julie photographed near Kiama this year. Gary’s photograph can wait until he has one he is prepared to post


3 thoughts on “About

  1. This is the first page of Gary, Lawrence, part retired teacher of science, computing and multimedia, husband, parent and grandparent looking forward now o a purposeful life without employment.

  2. Gary and Julie
    Finally found the blog wordpress has two s’s.
    Lots of photos still looking at it all bit new for me . No pencil or eraser.

    Glad your retirement is going well . How big is the caravan.


    • Russel, you haver eaten in my caravan and outside my caravan – it is a 14 footer in the old measurements, an ideal size for one or two.
      I am usually about a week behind in the blog so it represents nearly nine weeks travelling. My brother Steve prints it out to take it to read to my Mum and I Think it is more than 450 pages so I am not surprised that it might take you a while, but congratulations on finding out how to put comments on – now I have “approved” you they will always appear under the blog post that you commented on, along with any replies like this one. How is your health? Are you back at work?

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