Where Have Gary & Julie Been?

I notice I haven’t posted for more than a year. There is a reason of course! This is a Travel Blog and I haven’t been travelling, sort of. I had planned to travel around Australia again in 2016, this time with my brother and sister but instead we spent five months in Perth helping out with my son Stuart’s family. We were living in our caravan but not travelling far, except to take the kids to school, that is.

We have started the the return trip to Sydney. Since I haven’t written about a cross continental Nullabor crossing before, I shall try to write it up. I think I better get around to changing my masthead too.


Here are the reasons for our stay in Perth, our grandchildren Shayna, Mason and James.


Stuart Julie and Gary with the children in front of the house in Armadale a suburb of Perth.


3 thoughts on “Where Have Gary & Julie Been?

  1. Hi Gary.
    Had missed you @ the pool – your boxing/training comrades looking a bit bereft!
    The porch lights are off in the Shire with the Sharkies footy win, so while Harold Holt really is lost, Gary & Julie are heading home!
    Safe travels – looking forward to a few snaps – any wild flowers left?
    Maybe you could also have a look @ your blog title when you update your masthead.
    A lovely family photo. Good wishes to all.

  2. Hi Lynne. I have missed you all as well and looking forward to being home. I am looking forward to doing a bit of blogging this week but once we start on the Section from Esperance WA to the coast of NSW we will have little internet, phone radio or TV. It’s a big black hole with tiny spots with towns of 5000+. The new blog masthead has wildflowers!
    I am a bit worried about about the reception I get from Lifeline after 7 months Leave. Not sure what they will want or I can give after a pretty traumatic time myself.

  3. Hi Gary.
    Looking @ my last reply time – pretty sure it wasn’t that early!
    Maybe WA time had a part in that.
    So glad you had chance for some flower photography – the wonder of the natural world always lifts my spirits.
    I haven’t had much time for Lifelining either – another October aim but I’m sure your expertise & empathy will be wholeheartedly welcomed back in whatever capacity you had in mind.
    Safe travel eastward. 🙂

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