The Long Road to New Zealand

The Long Road in NZ-X3

I better start by writing “That’s not my photo!” and correctly attributing it to one of my favourite travel photographers, Trey Ratcliffe from, a photographer, writer, artist and adventurer from New Zealand. It fits in  with my next trip, starting in six days time to the Land of the Long White Cloud, across the ditch called the Tasman Sea from Australia. I am hoping that some of my followers from my Australian and European blog posts will get an email alerting them to the fact that “here he goes again” and, as my friend Steve says “I better get the dictionary out for another lesson!”

Typing this reminds me of the bits of my last overseas trip and recent Australian travels that I never got around to sharing. I guess that’s life – when you get home the real whole just crowds back in.


6 thoughts on “The Long Road to New Zealand

  1. So much looking forward to your trip to NZ Gary & Julie. Gary, I will have to get a couple of lessons from you on how to set up a blog like this for my impending OS trip in the near future.

    • It’s not hard Di. Just GOTO wordpress, pick a theme, put up a photo or two and write a few words. You get more views if you put some tags on because that attracts the passing trade. I have some blog posts from my around Australia trip that are still getting a couple of views a week because someone does a search on something like Port Hedland and my blog comes up. The best ever was my post from the Opera on the Beach in Broome. One of the singers contacted me a week later from Germany because he saw his picture on my blog!

  2. I started using wordpress a few years ago after seeing Paula’s blog of her European adventure. It seemed such a great idea that now it has become my electronic travel diary. I love reading about travel, historical or otherwise but it is even better when it is about friends and colleagues. Looking forward to it.

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