Florence – Art and History – the Beautiful Centre of Tuscany


The People

A Gallery of some of the people who crossed my lens in Florence














People16_DSC8062 People09 People10







7 thoughts on “Florence – Art and History – the Beautiful Centre of Tuscany

  1. Its nice to see photos of things other than just tourist attractions, you get to see the real side of a city even though the attractions are beautiful. Have to ask, who was that woman you were photographed with.

    • Birgit, the ladies name is Kathy Spinelli, Italian heritage but from New York. We had 22 people from the USA on our trip, amazing, friendly travelling companions. I hope some of them are still reading the blog, and will say HELLO. It was a very hot day and we were near the end of our time in this ancient walled town on the highest point around this part of Tuscany. The tower was very tall with a tiny, steep and winding staircase, not made for the claustrophobic. Anthony, Kathy’s husband, and Julie both decided to stay in the shade and enjoy watching the crowd down in the plaza while we both made the climb. The views were amazing. I have taken a 360 degree panorama but it will not show the triumph of getting up there!

      • Of course at least one of your fellow travelers is still reading, and your posts have sparked a few memories. Castello del Trebbio was my favorite of the villas we visited. Especially loved the tour of the cellar and dungeon which now house the large oak casks of chianti and the terracotta urns of olive oil you snapped. Enjoyed San Croce which contains many beautiful works of art and the remains of Michelangelo and, my hero, Galileo, whose sepulcher you seem to be looking at in one of your photos. I also enjoyed the museum dedicated to him.

      • Hey there Giovanni!
        I am glad that you are not only still reading the blog but commenting as well. I hope to have finished the Italian section by the end of September but I hope you will remain on board for the ride through France, Britain and then Amsterdam to Prague. I am planning to finish my virtual trip be Christmas and then I can put my travelling blog on hold until my next trip. While you are the only one from the tour who has commented, I suspect that there are others lurking out there. My stats tell me that there were still 11 views from the USA of yesterdays post, and that had been consistent since the week after our Concerto together reached its climax. I was thinking of you when I posted the image in front of Galileo’s memorial. I can remember that Julie and I walked around three times before we identified the right one. I think you, like us thought we could have benefitted from another day in Florence. See you inn Australia some day?

  2. Gary, there are two memories I have of Florence when I went there with my sister in 1973.
    My Dip. Ed. Italian lecturer was there visiting his mother at the same time so we arranged to meet. He was also an Art lecturer. He showed us around Florence and explained all the art work. It was wonderful! My second memory was his saying to me: “Jeanette, they’ll think you are Italian if you keep your mouth shut.” He obviously didn’t think much of my Italian! Fortunately for the students, I went on to teach French and German, not Italian.

    • I just love that memory of you time there, Jeanette. Standby for more memories of Florence. Did you get to Venice? That is our next stop on the blog when I have exhausted Fierenze!

    • I should comment on the photograph of Julie with the teenagers. We had free time after a walking tour of Florence. It was hot and we were in the main square not far from the replica statue of David. The square was crowded with hundreds of high school students, also left off the leash by their teachers. It was obviously end of term excursion time in Italy. I spotted some students taking up a whole seat and in my teacherly manner suggested they could make space for Julie. When they discovered we were Australians they became extremely friendly and many more gathered for a picture. One girl gave me her name and continually said “Facebook” by which I understood she wanted me to be her ” friend” and share the picture!

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