Amalfi – a good place to ride a bike, maybe?



This is a group of images from the Amalfi region, where we stayed for three night, that did not fit into any other posts but are still worthy of publishing.

The first three are just an indicator of the driving difficulties along the coast. Houses often open directly to the road, people walk and jog on the road, not to mention lead donkey’s laden with building materials. Then there are the scooters!




Of course the Gyro d’Italia, the local equivalent of the Tour de France did come racing through those same roads while we were staying. The race leader wears the Pink Jersey and was from Assisi, the town of origin of our Tour Director, Barbara, who was very excited at the possibility of me getting an image of a local hero.


The remaining images come from our visit to the town of Amalfi. After a walk with our local guide we had an hour to wander the streets and check out the Duomo Di Amalfi, a 9th century Cathedral dedicated to the Apostle St Andrew

_DSC7615 small


Of course the streets are narrow with steep alleys only a person wide running off to the side.

_DSC7601 small


The lemons were the biggest I have seen and used to produce Italy’s most famous liqueur Limoncello



It is still a Fishing region.


Julie stands outside a Trattoria named after Gemma, our daughter in law.






3 thoughts on “Amalfi – a good place to ride a bike, maybe?

  1. I have just spent an hour trying to post a photo of Emily’s Place which Karen and I found in Melbourne on our last visit when we were looking for somewhere to have lunch. I said to Karen we have to have lunch there and we did. I hope you ate at da Gemma’s Trattoria.

  2. I love this place Gary. I need to forward all these photos & comments to my mum & dad in Melbourne, I believe they would really appreciate them, as well as your comments.
    As for ME riding a bike – never in your wildest dreams will I ever ride a bike anywhere unfortunately. I only do spin classes. Can’t ride a bike!
    As for that photo of the lemons – I straight away saw those bottles of Limone Cello – wish I could get me hands on them!
    Di PS keep the photos & comments coming.

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