Capri – Escape from Reality from Roman Times until Now

Heights from Capris

The view from the Villa San Michelle in the comune of Anacapri on the western heights of Capri

Our day trip to Capri did not start well. The arrival of the Giro D’Italia in the region meant that our bus could not use the roads and our Tour Director, the amazing Barbara had to organise four hire cars at almost no notice to get us to the port to catch the boat to the Island.  Aside from the fact that I again got seasick (yes, even in the Mediterranean) the day was beautiful for a photographer. From the Ferry we first had a great view of the Port, then of the coastline and finally of the approach to the Island.

Capris 25

 Many of the large Villas along the coastline have no road access so building materials are delivered by donkeys or helicopters

Capris 26

Old fortifications have been reinvented as restaurants  and houses with great water views

Capris 29

Capris 28

Capris 27

Space is at a premium and very expensive. Many of these villas are owned by very rich internationals who fly in for a week or two.

Capris 22

Capris 13

Capri in the background above and the approach to the harbour below

Capri 2

Capris 16

Capris 15

Capris 16

Capris 17

Capris 14

These Images are taken from the gardens a walk away from the town of Capri itself. We later took minibuses to the Comune of Anacapri high in the Hills to the west.

Capris 18

Capris 19

Capris 21

Capris 20

Capri 1


Our local guide and Trafalgar tour director, Barbara got us unto the launch that circumnavigated the Island giving us a close up look at the Grotto (its real colour, not enhanced) , the craggy limestone of the Island and a different view from the sea of the settlements.

Capris 10

Capris 9

Capris 7

Capris 6

Capris 8

Capris 5

Capri 3

Capris 4

Capris 12

Capris 23

Capri has had human settlements since neolithic times, with Greek colonies before the Romans really developed the Island. Among the ruins still visible is the Villa Jovis from which the Emperor Tiberius ruled for  10 years from 27 to 37 AD. More recently Capri has become a centre for Art, Literature and Celebrities as well as a major tourist destination.



3 thoughts on “Capri – Escape from Reality from Roman Times until Now

  1. Pretty good photography for a seasick sailor, and to think that Julie was the one we worried about on the van ride to the boat. Thanks for the reminder of how beautiful this was. I think the hordes of tourists (like us) may have fogged my memory a bit. I’m really glad we got a chance to see the grotto before it became off-limits to tours. I think that’s what Willy, the local guide, told us would be happening by now. He was a lot of laughs, and a great guide.

  2. There should be a “I’m jealous” box to click on. What an amazing looking place, love old places. Must confess didn’t really like the statues on the rocks. The one from far away looked intriguing but the close up looked out of place……..perhaps that was the point.

    • Apparently that statue is called “the waving statue” because all the tour boat operators encourage the tourists to wave back. Our guide, Willy, apparently must think that’s a bit naff, because he didn’t tell us. He did tell us that you have to be a multimillionaire to own property on the Island. All the workers catch the ferry across each day. Really rich people like Bill Gates just sail their hundred million dollar super yachts and live on them.

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