Just Castles


This blog post is completely out-of-order – in that you last read about Italy and now we are in mid Europe and 4 weeks later in our trip. I am not sure if my blog needs rationality but, since I haven’t posted for a week because I haven’t had time to write but I did have time to process photos for Julie’s photo album, here is a collection of Castles on the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers. Castles can range from the ruins used by a Robber Barron to extensively refurbished occupied dwellings.


ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThe view from high up in Český Krumlov Castle within the Czech Republic Image



5 thoughts on “Just Castles

  1. I always wanted a really big house, I suppose a castle would do. I remember seeing castles from the train on my way from Stuttgart to Wurzburg and then Wurzburg to Bremen.

    • We had dinner in A Castle in Italy on our tour. It was in the countryside outside Florence surrounded by vineyards and Olive groves – got the picture? This is reminding me I must post something on it – The Title will be “every Princess wants a Castle”. Even though it was early summer evening and shirt sleeves weather outside, it was freezing in the castle, despite big fires in the rooms. Three foot thick stone walls and huge high ceilings take a lot of heating, which is why princesses in Castles wear furs I suppose.

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