Homeward Bound – The Story Continues

In just over 24 hours we will be in Prague airport and a day later in Sydney, Australia. The journey finishes but the story goes on.

First though some pictures. Throughout our trip I have been taking candids of “Brides &Buskers”. The Brides started in Positano, Italy and I published that one. Since then I have seen some many brides, mostly Japanese,being photographed in incredible places. In Prague the two themes have intersected.

On the Charles Bridge, a stone bridge build in the 1400’s, crowded with pedestrians, artists, beggars, buskers and the occasional wedding party.




Here we have concurrence, with the band in the foreground and the bride about to jump off the Bridge in the background. Perhaps it’s the music? Maybe she is tired of the photographer’s attentions? Or maybe the wedding was a mistake? Choose your own ending.


Another Day, this time near the John Huss statue a Jazz group are really getting into it.


A little girl gets up to join them in spontaneous dance.


Next thing there is a bridal couple, who knows whether on their way to or from the alter, really showing some steps. Notice the little girl’s eyes! She knows when she has been upstaged.


Now about the Blog. Thank you all my readers and especially those who have taken the time to comment, question or request. The trip might be finished but the story isn’t. I have taken many images that I haven’t even looked at and have many stories I would like to tell. At home i hope the memories will return and the stories emerge. I enjoy posting them and hope my readers will continue to follow. …. until the next trip. Please send me a message if you can.

My friends from the Italian Concerto trip. More than 5 weeks have passed. I hope to soon publish more photos of our time in Italy and make them available to you.


4 thoughts on “Homeward Bound – The Story Continues

  1. Looking forward to catching up with you Gary – hearing of your adventures & seeing those awesome photos. I have a few stories & photos to share with you from Tahiti & Bora Bora 🙂

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