Amsterdam is dominated by bicycles – they are everywhere! On the roads, the footpaths, and In their hundreds on the cycle paths. They are chained onto very possible position in untidy heaps, often making it hard for pedestrians to get through.
When I mentioned to Julie that in this post I was going to claim that the population of bikes in Amsterdam exceeded that of people, she warned me that exaggeration would affect my credibility. Our guide then confirmed that there are indeed 600,000 people and over a million bicycles. there are no new bikes, however. Why? Because 60,000 bikes are stolen every year. A popular saying is “Bikes are public property, locks just a challenge!” So most of the bikes are not only old and rusty, the sorts that would long be on the tip at home, but secured with two locks, worth more than the bike itself. That’s because, as well as stealing bikes, another popular pastime is for drunks to throw,them in the canal as they walk home late at night. When they dredge the canals they often are a metre deep on the bottom.
Following is a Gallery of bike photos. I Missed so many others – particularly the no hands texting cyclists, the pinstriped businessman cyclist with the furled red umbrella and his short min skirted lady companion. My Tumbarumba brother in law used to say “the things you see when you don’t have a gun” This certainly applies for cameras












7 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. There might be more biycles than people in Amsterdam, but in Sydney there are more people that ride bikes indoors than out! Think of the benefit to their environment when you drive to your next “spin class”.

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