A Rainy Day in Olde London Towne

We planned a guided tour of London for Monday, which turned out to be a beautiful public holiday for Londoners. Some kind of Marathon race in Central London meant that all bus tours were cancelled, and we went to the British Museum instead (which was brilliant I agree with you Jan!). I posted about that previously causing heartburn for my follower, Rod Leflea who passionately believes they are all thieves! On the next days bus/walking tour it rained and rained.
The changing of the Guard got cancelled. While the Guard, who are all active serving soldiers, just taking turns at the ceremonial stuff, can fight and march in the rain the band cannot – their instruments get damaged by the wet.

Fortunately the Horse Guards, and their mounts are made of sterner stuff and paraded from St James to Buckingham Pale right past us.


The coachman need to exercise the horses used for the ceremonial parades regardless, as well.



3 thoughts on “A Rainy Day in Olde London Towne

  1. The coachmen look a bit like undertakers from the olde days, might look a bit different from the front.
    Have boxed with John a few times now, little too tall for me but good. Boxed with Terri (probably know her, you know everyone) today, she was nice. Ben took the class (very good), last week were so many abs, I was literally in pain doing abs in circuit on Saturday. He also did that thing where you punch, then run and do push-ups, going up all the time. At the end with 25 push-ups to do I thought I would slacken off (unusual I know) but Ben came down beside me and did them with me counting all the way. Bastard, had to do the whole lot.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    • On the Boat now inn the Rhine in Germany. Had a workout in the little gyms yesterday – first time in 6 weeks. 20 minutes on exercise bile, some pushups sit-ups and 5 Kg dumb bells. First exercise behind walking for 6 weeks. You will kill me in 3 weeks – and enjoy doing it I know.

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