Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford on Avon

This is a cheap tour of where Willian Shakespeare was born – his father’s house. Even though he
Inherited this property, he probably did not live here or write in it as an adult. This is a cheap tour because it saves you the airfare and the £15 entry cost. In my English courses in High School we studied a major Shakespearean play every year. Reading his work certainly impacted on me as a reader and a writer.

Exterior of William Shakespeare’s birth place in Stratford on Avon

A contemporary portrait of the greatest writer in the English language

A First Folio of the works of Shakespeare, published by his friends and available for £1 sold about 750 copies. Now the 200 remaining originals are each valued at up too £15 million depending on condition

A Bedroom from the time

A child’s room

A contemporary bust of Shakespeare

These houses took a lot of heating

Every room has an actor filling a role from Shakespeare’s time, and doubling as security. The lass pictured here was in the midst of declaiming Juliette’s famous call for Romeo from the windowsill to an audience in the garden below. After a generous bout of applause she went down to deliver “Shakespeare on request”


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