I am sure that I never appreciated sculpture as an art form until I came to Europe. Certainly there are public statues and monuments in Australia, there are art prizes for sculpture,and the usual controversies about whether modern pieces are really art! Aside from the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, along the cliff side walks of Sydney’s Eastern Suburb beaches which I have enjoyed, I don’t remember having an emotional connection with much Australian sculptural work. In the streets of Italy, France and England public areas are filled with massive marble and bronzes of Gods, Kings, Generals everywhere.








Shown are sculptural works from 3 millennia and from all the countries I have visited so far. In the Musee D’orsy there were rows and rows of magnificent works, even in their rigid immobility expressing emotions better than a painting or photograph because of their three dimensional character. Unfortunately photography is forbidden – but I got a shot from the upper level where there are hundreds of Expressionist and Post Expressionist paintings to include here last. The second last image is a work by Henry Moore, sitting with the Serpentine River in the background in Hyde Park, London.


2 thoughts on “Sculpture

  1. Hi Gary,
    I just love your blogs of educational & historical information, interesting comments & experiences from around the world – keep them coming Gary. I tend to agree with you that the many sculptures from past centuries are magnificent and yes, show many emotions, strength & power. The sculptures today somehow can’t match the artists of the past.
    Can’t wait to hear of your experiences on your Rhine cruise.
    Au Revoir,

    • Just can’t help myself Di, still the teacher comes out in me! Discovered a great link between where I am staying and Australia and will have to take a photo this morning so that I can write it up.
      Very tired at the moment after nearly 5 weeks on the road and looking forward to the cruise as a chance to relax a bit. Glad to hear from FB how good your holiday was

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