A Wedding in Positano

I could have included the first photos in my Italian Gallery but walking into someone’s wedding deserved a special spot.
We had an optional tour of Positano, a town re invented for tourists by a article John Steinbeck wrote in Harper’s Bazar “It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.” The fishing industry had collapsed and in the early 50’s more than half the population had emigrated to Australia and then BOOM. now they have a licence to remove money from tourists.
First the wedding – the bride came walking down the hill to the Church at the bottom, saw my camera and gave an excited twirl, looking very pleased with herself. An hour later we saw her agai, complete with ring, husband and the right to be addressed as Señora!


The is only one road into Positano, winding torturously down the hillside. To get there we had to swap our bus for 4 hire cars with brave drivers. The houses cascade down the hills and lanes wind their way between buildings with every available space crammed with stalls selling clothing, jewelry – everything you could imagine. A small population support six different banks. Most workers commute and a large proportion of the properties are used for holiday homes by Hollywood types.




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