“Selfies”are hard to take with a DSLR

A Selfie is a self portrait shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. When you see someone holding their phone up at arms lengthier they are probably taking a Selfie. It is hard to manage with a heavy DSLR like my Nikon D300s. To manage a Selfie requires placing the camera and using the self timer, or trusting the wife, a passer by or the helpful waiter in a restaurant. Mostly I just take pictures of Julie, hoping that this proves that I was there too!

Following is a Gallery of such images, taken in Rome







4 thoughts on ““Selfies”are hard to take with a DSLR

  1. Nice to see some photos of the both of you to prove you have been there. Had my eye surgery which I was NOT looking forward to but as I had anticipated afterwards I said I don’t know what I was worried about. In recovery mode now which isn’t always fun as it feels like I have sand in my eye, either that or it’s the stitch he had to put in there. Will have it taken out on Wednesday, that should be fun. I am having fun ordering everyone around as I’m supposed to take it easy.

    • Good point. I have heard from two of my ex students on Facebook, currently in Europe. Olivia is in England and Anthony is actually in Paris. Anthony wants to know how much water a D300 can take. Apparently it has poured on him every day and he follows my lessons, never be without your camera, regardless, so it has got a bit wet!

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