Two Rants without a Photograph

Two Rants -somethings you need to get off your chest

I will admit – I am a wowser about smoking. International Alert – check the Australian meaning – it does not mean I am a dog. My father was a smoker in my youth, and I am supersensitive to cigarette smoke, from 10 metres in the open air, on clothes, on hands after a shake, any such contact I find overwhelming.

I have found public smoking much more prolific in Italy and France than my own country, where it is now more and more socially unacceptable to smoke in public. There are rules in these countries also but they are often flouted. While smoking is not allowed in indoor eating places, smokers completely dominate the outdoor areas. In Italy and France I want to sit outside, enjoy the ambience and not have my meal ruined. even worse are the railway stations and footpaths. while smoking in carriages is forbidden but not on the platforms. Theoretically the stations are non fumaire but this is often flauted, particularly by the rail employees! The best image I could have gathered for this post were the several times I saw men hurrying from the train at a stop with three unlit cigarettes in their mouths, trying to light one on the run.


Geographically, Europe is similar in area to Australia and now have entered in strong economic and political unions. In Italy I purchased new Pay as You Go SIMMs for our phone and iPad. The instant we crossed into France they were blocked. To stay in touch I will have to purchase another set in France and a further lot in England. What a complete ripoff!


3 thoughts on “Two Rants without a Photograph

    • Rod, I had the opportunity to mark you as TRASH. I believe you know what a temptation to truth that was! I implore you to not take up the evil weed so that we can remain friends. I believe we both need everyone available to us. I am reading a biography of Abraham Lincoln, famous for being a lifelong melancholic, whose recipe for coping was his famous sense of humour (especially tall tales). you are in good company brother.

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