A Tale of a Train Trip

# Depart Milan 8 am arrive Genova 10.30 local fast train, very comfortable. Genova is the Mediterranean coast town made famous by the stranding of the Cruise ship whip ventured to close to the coast last year. It still sits prominently on the sea floor awaiting salvage.

# One hour wait for connect train. Depart for Ventimiglia, the town on the border of France @ 11am arriving an hour later. The coast line was wonderful and the architecture became more Influence by France and Spain as we travelled.

# Rushed straight onto the first train out for Nice, enjoying the magnificent sea views all along the coast through Monaco. Arrive at Nice, hoping to make a connection for Montpellier via Marseilles. There is a 3 hour layover and 2 further train changes required. We will not get there until about 9 pm, non possible since we have no accommodation booked. We are now in France, our mobile phone and Internet won’t work making getting somewhere to stay difficult. Instant plan change – we will continue to Marseilles and stay overnight. Purchase a phone card and ring a hotel in a pamphlet from a local tourist bureau. Between my 50 year old French and her une peu Anglaise I book a room. If it’s bad, blame Julie, she chose it, I am just the translator. Were is my language teacher sister Cheryl when I need her. ITranslate won’t work without Internet either.

# Train to Marseille late, leaves after 5 pm. I expect we will arrive after 8 pm.

# Quelle Adventure!

PS. couldn’t get Internet until this afternoon in Montpellier France (see previous rant) so I can update.

# Didn’t arrive until 8.30 and took cab for first time to our cheap hotel about 3km away. It was a third of the price of the dodgy one we had in Milan. It’s disadvantage was our room on the top, 4th floor and no elevator. A hard climb with luggage after 13 hours in transit. Did’t get a cab in the morning, dragged bagsb3 km uphill to station. Migh have been a mistake. Good trip via a change at Avignon to Montpellier, arranged accomodation on the beach 10 km away. Excellent public transport (light rail and bus) and a very acceptable economical hotel. Kebab for dinner.

Nous sommes arrivés. Quel un triomphe


Scene from the train near Monaco – iPad photo


3 thoughts on “A Tale of a Train Trip

  1. I am very proud of you booking hotel accommodation over the phone. Your retentive memory and your great communication skills will stand you in good stead whilst in France. Keep flying the flag, Gaz!

    • It is amazing how my vocabulary is returning Cheryl. I am finding I can read most of the signs and can make myself understood with single words, short phrases and a bit of English. I usually can’ t understand a word they say – too fast!

      Interestingly, in Italy almost everyone speaks some English and are happy to try to speak to you. I have a lovely photo of Julie taken in the square in Florence with half a dozen Italian year 8/9 students on excursion who got into “conversation” with her.

      Unfortunately, not so the French. Getting my Internet connection was a trial. They might Be Geeks but only in French.

  2. With all those boxing muscles “dragging” bags uphill should have been easy for you. Have you gone soft already??????

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