In the Hands of ………

last night in Venice we enjoyed a very pleasant final dinner with our travel companions for the past 10 days in Italy. Ed Duffy from Rhode Island, USA, in thanking our Tour Director Barbara spoke wonderfully on “The Hands of David”.

If you check the image you will see that David is portrayed as the perfectly proportioned young man, prepared by God to defend His people against Giant Goliath – except for the hands. They appear too large for the body! There has been long controversy over whether this was Michelangelo’s mistake or a deliberate statement by the artist. It was Ed’ contention that Michelangelo, a genius, had made no error of proportion, but considered the hands were a statement about what the artist and David used their hands for during their lives and asked the question what uses had our hands been put to – for good or ill?

I would like to go one step further and consider that phrase “in the hands of”. During the past ten days we have truly been in the hands of many people. Strangers in this land, and without the language, we have been dependent on Barbara for almost everything, trusted our coach drivers for some extraordinary driving on the Amalfi Coast “roads”, and learned to respect the strangers we are travelling with like friends. We have put ourselves “Into the Hands of Others” much more than at home.

However, while David as a youth killed Goliath and as a warrior King defended Israel against her enemies, he destroyed his family and damaged his nation through his sins of adultery and murder. David’s hands were never big enough!

David was the man that God loved though – not for his hands or anything else that he did with them, good or ill – He just loved him for Himself.

When I am travelling, and way out of my own comfort zone I am glad that I am in the hands of a creator greater than Michelangelo.



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