St. Peter’s Basillica

We visited Cathedral’s in every major city in South America we visited in 2007. Eventually we stayed outside, not because we were offended by the idolatry, or put off by the simplistic martyrology, but we were just bored by the tackiness of gold and gaudiness and overwhelmed by the displays of human remains.
St. Peter’s, and the other Cathedral’s we have visited since have been different. It has been more than the scale of the architecture, huge though that has been. I believe that it has been the quality of the artwork, inside and outside. In my heart I know that this probably distracts from man’s purpose – to glorify God. However, it is amazing to see the talents and skills God has given mankind used, even falsely attempting to glorify Him.
Michelangelo’s Pieta is such an emotive piece of sculpture. I have good photographs of it and other sculptural master pieces, but in some ways they are cliches, and to display them here feels a little inappropriate. Instead I include a close up from a carved baptismal font from near the front of the Cathedral I noticed an extraordinary number of tourists taking turns being photographed between this pair of happy cherubs, and moved in for a detailed closeup.
While such cherubs are a complete representation of the cherubim mentioned in the Old Testament, I include the image as testament to the ability to portray in stone childish joy in a way that has resonated for 500 years



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