Giro D’Italia -a Report from Maiori

We just returned from our morning trip to the mountain village of Ravello and found our our return to our Hotel at the beachfront blocked. We had to walk the final 10 minutes as all traffic was blocked for the Gyro D’Italia (The Italian equivalent of the Tour De France).
Our Tour Director, Barbara, was very excited! The Giro leader, wearing the pink jersey, comes from her town of Assissi, and is her father’s special hero. “I will pay 1000 Euros for a photo for my father!” She said seeing my camera. Bebe – his nickname amongst his many Italian fans appeared in my lens and I could be a richer man except it would not be right to take advantage of an excitable, passion Lady dall’Italia.



2 thoughts on “Giro D’Italia -a Report from Maiori

  1. Seriously, you passed up 1000 euros? What else would you expect me to say????? Then again I wouldn’t have taken it either.

  2. What a gentleman Gary. In true “Gary” style. I’m sitting here, on my day bed on the balcony (back in Aussieland) sipping on a NZ Sav Blanc, watching an awesome sunset. Miss seeing you at the gym 😦

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