Travelling Cattle Class


Two of the disadvantages of travelling from Australia are time and money – and they both derive from distance – it’s a long way from Australia to anywhere!

We we were flying Emirates but it doesn’t make much difference as no airline flies direct, the all travel through “hubs” like Singapore or Dubai. To get to Rome we have to travel 9 hours to Bangkok, then change change crew, but not plane. After 90 minutes on the ground we then had a 7 hour flight to Dubai, a scheduled 3 hours before our on flight to Rome. oh, and add on at least 2 hours on each end in the airport getting in and out. All up say more than 24 hours in an aeroplane or airport.

Most of our travel companions here are from the US and spent about 9 hours to get here and cannot imagine more than double the pain!

Our aircraft was full on the first leg and I didn’t sleep at all. By Bangkok I had however watched “Silver Linings Playbook” (recommended for my Lifeline colleagues!) and a complete season of “Bib Bang Theory”. At Bangkok, young Brett, the English gap year student returning home for Medicine at Uni after a year working in Australia on a yacht in the Barrier Reef, left the plane. Hallelujah! An empty seat next to us and on the aisle? No further being locked into the middle! No more “excuse me clambering over to have a stretch and walk to the toilet. Small things make such big differences when travelling Cattle Class.

The iPad shot shows Julie, and my foot, taking advantage of stretch space.


One thought on “Travelling Cattle Class

  1. Cheapskate!!!!!!!!!!!! Deb, Mark, Connie and a whole lot others (including me) did the two hour challenge today. It was exhausting but it was worth it to watch Mark doing, sorry attempting Zumba. Afternoon tea afterwards was good. Its all for charity after all. Enjoy Rome, so jealous, love that place.

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