Inspiration for a Blog Header Image



5 thoughts on “Inspiration for a Blog Header Image

  1. Thanks for the quick revisit Ross, I am playing with a new look for my travel blog since we are no longer travelling in Norther Australia. This view of Europe from space will be the background but I have to crop it, put in the text and remember how to change the header image.

  2. Hi Gary & Julie,

    Thankyou I thoroughly enjoyed your photos etc very entertaining. I have fwd to Mark & Debbie. We miss you already from our Boxing Class, but as I can see you are both having a very exciting holiday filled with the odd bit of drama especially with your lost passport. I felt I was travelling with you as I scrolled down reading reading reading and looking at your fabulous pictures. Take care,
    Kind Regards

    • Thanks for letting me know you are reading Helen. Yes I miss you all at the gym. Moving to London today – probably not a good time after the attack on the soldier.

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