The Last Post

Posted on REMEMBRANCE DAY @ 11 A.M.

The Last Post is one of a number of bugle calls in military tradition that mark the phases of the day. While Reveille signals the start of a soldier’s day, the Last Post signals its end. (Australian War Memorial).

This iconic photograph by Australian war photographer, Frank Hurley

shows the battalion bugler of the 27th playing the Last Post at sun-down (Australian War Memorial)

Passing~Time is my travelling blog and my travels have finished for the moment, so this is the last posting for the moment. However, just as Reveille signals the start of a new day or the hope of resurrection at a military funeral it does not mean that I will not travel or blog again at this site. As my friend and Gold Medal winning blog commentator Paula has suggested I am somewhat addicted to blogging and here announce my new, non travelling blog site –  The Random Imaginarium –

The intent of this journal is to post randomly things that stimulate my imagination. No doubt it will evolve as time passes (or die as interest wanes!) but at the moment my plan is to indulge my passion for photography by occasionally sharing images, reviewing my reading and watching of movies and comment on things that tickle my fancy or raise my blood pressure. Please feel free to let me know when I cross the boundaries – I have no desire to become a ranter.

Please try the link, leave me a message and let me know of any things that really interest you and stir your passions



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