Flowers, Flies, Gorges, and Waves


Kalbarri is close enough to Perth to be a popular beach side holiday destination.  Having been told it is a beautiful spot we prolonged our coast hugging and visited for two days.  It is indeed beautiful and again different from anywhere else we had been.  Well worth the visit.  There were four things that struck me.

Wildflowers abound on the 80 k drive in off the highway.  Photos of these can be seen in the previous post.


The picture says it all.  There were more little black flies in Kalbarri than one could imagine. For those who remember, they were vastly more prolific than the numbers at any afternoon BBQ held outside at Allworth.  Not even the strong coastal winds impacted on their ability to fly.



Seeing gorges was a surprise.  Although these were impressive they lacked the wow factor of those seen in Karajini National Park .


This was the first time we had seen real waves along the Western Australian coast


One thought on “Flowers, Flies, Gorges, and Waves

  1. On one camping trip- to VIC- we chose to eat dinner in our tent one night, due to the flies being so bad. I can relate. It’s bloody awful!

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