A Few Wildflowers from W.A.

A Harsh but Beautiful Environment

Western Australia is known for the diversity and beauty of its floral landscape. The travel books predicted amazing vistas of flowers as we travelled from Port Hedland to Tom Price but we were disappointed – not by the magnificent mountains and the eerie landscape but by the lack of flowers. Our guide Baz explained that all the water both for nature, industry and consumption comes from underground aquifers. Most years the tropical cyclones which smash into the WA coast cause big rain bearing depressions which dump enormous amounts of summer rain in the Pilbara, topping up the aquifers. Last summer, not a drop so no wild flowers.

Driving South to Coral Bay there was one section of road for a dozen km or so which must have had some thunderstorm activity where in an area the size of a football ground I took these images.

We are told there will be more wildflowers further south, later in Spring.


5 thoughts on “A Few Wildflowers from W.A.

  1. Hey
    Sorry it has been a while. This last month has been very crazy and busy with graduation this thursday !! Very happy with all my trial marks now with less than a month to the HSC it has hit me that school is over! 😦 I am going to miss it very much. The school science labs are currently being renovated , they look very professional. The school is filled with work men and loud noises but they are going to look great when they are done.
    MUM got the photos you sent from Tullamoore, they are awesome and mum is sending them down to my grandparents. Thank you very much for sending them. Your trip is pushing on and it looks amazing, very jealous of all the adventures you are having. Shame about the lack of flowers this season but it looks like a very beautiful place despite. We are having a nerd day tomoz to celebrate the final week of school . AS MR Liley says “we have hit the Silly SEason” haaa. We had the annual oz tag game of students verus teachers match last friday, and it was a great success with the students winning for the first time in 3 yrs aha! We celebrated by drenching MR Fallah in water πŸ™‚
    Hope all is well and i am loving the photos, take care πŸ™‚ talk to you again soon πŸ™‚
    Nicole xox

    • Thanks Nicole – glad to hear they are nearly finished remodelling the labs. I was in charge 15 years ago when they remodelled labs 31 & 31 and built the “new” kitchens where we had two more labs but 71, 73 and 75 were built in the 1960’s and I can remember that maintenance people could never believe that any school still had labs like that left – I guess we looked after them better than most! Sorry to hear that you think that you beat the staff at OzTag – you should remember that History gets written by the survivors and after next week you are all gone so I guess the staff won after all!
      Keep in touch
      Glad yor Mum liked the photos. Since Ron & Elva aren’t into computers, emails and Blogs I have been sending them a littler newsletter that I print out every month and send to my Mum, Uncle and sister in law to keep them up on our progress and last one I sent I was able to wish Elva Happy Birthday for her 80th

  2. wow ! i did not release we had the labs for so long, seeming their age they sure are in great condition ! the work has been loud and noisy but will be worth it all in the end. Haha yes your very right with the oz tag! we are going to need a lot of evidence to support our win !
    just getting into study ready for the hsc soon! Got your email that you sent to mum, thank you very much for the good wishes and advice. I am excited for it too all be over πŸ™‚ Graduation went really well, was a lovely day and i am really going to miss school !!
    I love the idea of the newsletter, very clever and i am positive Ron and Elva are loving it. have fun and we will catch again soon πŸ™‚

    • Nicole
      Glad to hear the last week went well and you have started preparation for HSC. Just remember it is a middle distance race, not a sprint. Everything in balance – study, social, exercise and spoil yourself occasionally!
      I have never been a believer in the last minute swat – like an athlete you need to be fresh for the main event.
      Good luck

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