Gorges Gallery


The beautiful upper, spa pool within Hammersley Gorge

Looking downstream with your back to the previous image. Beyond this chasm the gorge widens to about 30 metres but remains very deep.

The iron rich rocks of the Hammersley Ranges are the oldest, most stable rock formations on the Australian continent.

That doesn’t mean they haven’t been buckled and warped by time.


Junction Pool from Oxer Lookout

The aptly named circular pool. No images show the reality of how deep these gorges are.

The beautiful Fern Pool, upstream from Fortescue Falls, with the rain falling on the water.

Imagine the cataract the would torrent over these falls in the “wet”. Unfortunately the roads are then impassable and this gorge would be very dangerous.

A SES worker lost his life trying to rescue an English tourist who foolishly entered a gorge during heavy rain.

Out of the gorges the dominant vegetation is spinifex grass and snappy gums.


3 thoughts on “Gorges Gallery

    • The gorges are hard to express in photographs Kirk – you can get the colours but the scale of the gorges and the way they just disappear into flat ground so steeply is impossible to fully convey in an image.


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