Conquering Mt. Nameless



The lower peaks to the west of Mt. Nameless are getting the weather that is heading my way


The caravan park in Tom Price sits nestled under a massive peak of iron ore which dominated the nearby town. The early settlers, lacking imagination or an important personage to pander to called in Mt. Nameless. They failed to consult the locals who had a name for it since the Dreamtime. Please don’t ask me to pronounce it!

In a raw early morning mist Mt. Nameless dominates the view from the caravan park.

The track climbs via the red cliffs while the 4 wheel drive track comes up the ridge from the right.

The four-wheel drive track is used for footy training and the annual “King of the Mountain”. I am told the record is 18 minutes 40 seconds but normal walking pace is about 100 minutes. There is a climbing trail which, when we went to attempt it said to allow 4 hours return and it was 2.30 pm with threatening weather. Julie send me ahead and as she knew she could not make the steep, rugged path in time.

Looking down a section of the trail from the summit of Mt. Nameless.

It looked much steeper going up but I had no breath to take a photo.

I made the top in fifty minutes and the took 15  minutes taking photographs, before the rain started to close in on the mountain top.

The storms sweep in from the West towards Mt. Nameless and Tom Price with Gary still on the mountain top and Julie somewhere down to mountain trail

As the rain started to really tumble down, I was concerned for Julie down below not knowing whether she had turned back, or sought shelter so I went down much faster than I came up. Halfway down the mobile rang to tell me she was back safe in the van and I could slow down. I still made it to the bottom in 25 minutes, pleasing since I haven’t been to the gym for 3 months but I certainly suffered for it for the next four days!

Wet through and feeling the pressure of a fast climb up and faster one down,

I get back to camp wet but well before dark with camera secure and dry in backpack.


3 thoughts on “Conquering Mt. Nameless

  1. Great to read this part of your adventure! In 1972, I hiked up to the top of Nameless with a friend named Anthony Oakley (nicknamed “Annie Oakley”). We had bicycled out of Tom Price to a point about as close as we thought we could get. We were 16 years old and no idea how tough the hike would be. We ended up making it, scaling the inside of the big crack near the “left” end. We found an easier way down. As I recall, the round trip was over 4 hours.

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