Point Samson – Cossack

Change of Plans

We were intending to be staying at Dales Camp in the Karijini National Park this week and then staying at Point Sampson next week but my mother getting very sick forced us to move to Karrartha which has regular flights to the East coast and pray for her recovery.

She is now better and we will be able to resume our program tomorrow(Thursday 9th Sept) but we did get to spend one day looking at the area around point Sampson. This little community, on a pretty little Bay has  a few hundred houses, two caravan parks and a pub. A great place for swimming, fishing and generally relaxing.


Settlers Beach at Cossack with the Point Sampson in the background

Point Sampson is an active Port – on the seashore this abandoned rope is thicker than my thigh – not used to anchor a “tinnie”!

Point Sampson is 60 km from the thriving mining centre of Karrartha. Of the road is the restored remnant ghost town of Cossack. This was an enormous centre of the Pearling Industry in the mid 1800’s but disappeared when a world recession caused the industry to go into depression and when the town of Broome became pre-eminent in the area.

Our first sight of WA’s floral emblem Sturt’s Desert Pea in the wild on the coast at Point Sampson

Cossack was a boom town in the 1880’s and impressive Court House was built as part of the plan for a metropolis,

but a depression in the pearling industry and the development of Broome meant its complete demise – the building has been restored to its former elegance.

During the 1870’s thousands would have lived in the thriving town of Cossack – the remnant of this ghost town is in our background


6 thoughts on “Point Samson – Cossack

  1. So glad you’ve been able to stay in the West. Good wishes that your Mum’s health progress continues.
    The mining and industrial landscapes do have to be seen to be fully taken in – wonder about the impact on future generations in terms of the environment and the lifestyles of the workforces that are needed to rip stuff out of the ground.
    Loved the SturtDesertPea closeup – used to seeing a more stylized version as a state symbol.
    Looking forward to looming holidays and more time to explore rest of journey images. 🙂

    • Thanks Lynne for the reply. I just got a real buzz from getting a reply from Stuart Skelton, one of the Opera singers from Broome!
      We are camped in Tom Price – there is iron ore everywhere! Thousands of miles of the stuff. The first Sturt’s desert peas we saw were actually growing inside the BHP Billiton terminal on the side of the road in Port Hedland (which is in the main street of town). They are actually fairly environmentally aware here.
      I am more concerned about the work practises. An ordinary 3 bedroom/ 1 bathroom house in Tom Price $700,000. Most of the workforce now fly in fly out working two weeks on and two weeks off and live solitary in dongas – a metal air-conditioned dormitory “box”. A truck driver in the mine earns $100,000 pa but the social effects on the towns and the families will be enormous for generations to come

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