Leaving Broome

“Feel like goin’ back home – now when the mangoes are ripe”

Missy Higgins & Ernie Dingo

Entrance to Port Broome in the background to two nomads from Sydney

We stayed longer in Broome than any other place so far and left with great regret. On our last day we had another look in China town and then drove out to Port Broome in the hope of seeing some whales. No whales but many other things to enjoy before leaving.

China town is very colourful, with lots of lane ways and arcades filled with opportunities, including a shop for Gary’s haircut.


Refurbished or replica diving helmets are popular and expensive. Gary tried on the weighted divers boots and could hardly lift his foot


Panoramic view of the entrance to the harbour.

I spoke to this local lady who told me that she swam here on the beach at the entrance to the Port every day,

that the fishing was good and that she had never lived anywhere else.


“Take me photo mista” – the ladies son shows the exuberance of some of the young in the area



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