A gallery of animal images

Excluding crocodiles and camels of which there have been an excess!


2 thoughts on “A gallery of animal images

  1. Love animals, and your pictures of animals sure capture their little personalities well- who thought native animals had personalities?!! There’s a fair bit of cash in animal photography in the Eastern Suburbs, especially in the “dinc” category of Easternsburbites- retirement business? The lizard is my favourite…he is all attitude.

    • I like the lizard – in the caravan park at eighty mile beach near my van. The dingo I find very sad – the smartest of dogs but emotionally more like cats in their relationships with people and here in the wildlife park have to be locked up for their own protection as a sub species. Do you mean to turn me into a pet photographer? I think pet owners might be more finicky the the mothers of brides in terms of getting it right!

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