Cable Beach – Camels and Cars Park Here

Nicely spaced out for kilometres down the beach ready for drinks, nibbles and the sunset experience


Four-Wheel Parking on the Beach

What is that attracts the drivers of four-wheel drives to taking their vehicles onto pristine beaches? In caravan parks around the nation, when people hear you are staying near Cable Beach, or Eighty Mile Beach in Western Australia they get really excited and tell you about the joys of driving on the beach – “you could even take your Ford you know?” as they condescendingly invite you to join their club. In the hour before sunset they drive carefully across the rocks onto the northern section of the beach and spread out for miles along the shore with their picnic tables and chairs, beer, wine and nibbles, kids playing in the sand or flying a kite while the sun slowly sinks below the Indian Ocean in the West. As soon as it gets dark, the headlights come on and a procession starts back the beach and the restaurants get very busy.

Is there any better way to spend a family evening than on the beach at sunset?

The true beach lovers have walked along, enjoying the ambience and the occasion, taking the odd photograph, getting some exercise and not endangering either the beach or the environment.

Four-Footed Walking along the Beach

The other “must do” that we didn’t was to ride a camel at sunset along the beach. Julie felt this was something that she didn’t have to do, while Gary has ridden a camel in the shadow of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt. While Australia’s camels, originally imported to carry loads across Australian deserts from their homes in Arabian climes, are now sort after around the world, somehow riding them in Australia would be like visiting the marsupial cage in the zoo in New York. That didn’t stop us enjoying the look on the faces of both the camels and their passengers as they headed down the beach for their shared sunset experience.

Sixty Dollars get you the chance to sit on a camel half an hour before the sunsets,

plod up the beach and back for an hour while absorbing the occasion and waving your video camera back and forth.

These “Ships of the Desert” far from their biological home in the Arabian deserts, seem very at home on the sands bordering the Indian Ocean.

Returning after the sun has departed. Could any image match up to this experience?


10 thoughts on “Cable Beach – Camels and Cars Park Here

  1. I am SO jealous…have you heard the song about Cable Beach by The Waifs?! Man, I’ve been wanting to go for years, since I heard it. Have a little listen on iTumes- think it’s called “Take it in”- in fact their music is perfect Australian road trip material- A Brief History is most apt…..

    • The Waifs “Up all Night” album is very prominent on my iPod and I agree it is great road trip but Take it in isn’t on it – might have to download it!

  2. Hi Gary & Julie, It’s taken me a while to get here but like Paula I’m VERY envious. Certainly sounds and looks like you’re having a wonderful time. Already seduced by images and colours you’ve shown us. Opera on the beach, open air cinema, baby crocs made safe with rubber bands – will have to try really hard to set time limit for exploring your stories and visuals, now that I’ve made contact.
    Down here in Sydney there’s lots of publicity about Olympics 2000 – with volunteers reunion and Cathy Freeman relighting the cauldron later in the month – hard to believe that was 10 years ago and my first Gymea year.
    Back in worker world it’s the end of week 7 and the holidays until 2015 were published in the Federation magazine. Ahh…..the passing of time.

  3. Still reading regularly Gary, really great photos of Cable beach and the camels, what an experience for a sunset. The itch is getting stronger lol………..Phil.

  4. I think the camel’s experience was best for the photographer, next best for the rider and probably not even too bad for the camel! Glad to hear from you again. Some itches need scratching!

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