Broome – a Holiday kind of Town

A Tour is not a Holiday

Touring Australia by caravan is an amazing experience but it is not a relaxing holiday. The first place we have visited in more than 6000 km travelling where we feel on holiday is Broome, so we have stayed 10 days here. We have spoken to some travellers who have been here months, disinclined to leave again, not missing the chaotic experience of packing up driving and setting up again.


The famous “Staircase to the Moon” effect, only seen on west-facing beaches, at low tide and full moon rising

It’s also the entire ambience of the place. First there is the ocean with clean white sandy beaches and amazing warm azure sea (no surf to speak of) with hot (mid thirties) days but pleasant breezes in the evening. These are the kind of conditions which mean that I swim every day and Julie gets wet sometimes.

Then there are the activities – holiday places attract certain kinds of activities that serious places don’t entertain. Like the camels, the four-wheel drives and the Opera on cable beach. The camels and wheel drive opportunities on the endless stretch of beach past the rocks on the North end of cable beach are well-known. On our first trip to the beach as we walked past the hundreds of four-wheel drives parked on the beach, some with picnic and drinks and stereos blaring as they waited for the sun to set, we were passed by a wedding party on four camels being led down the beach towards the wedding ceremony to be held at the high tide mark. It was a pity my camera was in the car, but I saw the photographer, after the ceremony with the wedding party posed on the racks with the water just behind them as the sun dipped below the Indian Ocean in the West.

Julie exits the Malcolm Douglas Wildlife Refuge, not impressed with crocodiles table manners

Gary checks out an 18 month old baby croc only kept safe from the teeth by the rubber band around the jaws

Crocodiles can’t chew their food. Once it’s dead, like this barramundi carcass, they smash it up and manoeuvre it around until they can swallow it whole


We passed on the camels despite, or because of the fact that “everybody has to”. After all, my camel ride in the shadows of the Great Pyramid in Egypt trumps Cable Beach! In our week her we have visited Cape Levique, the Malcolm Douglas Wildlife refuge (to watch the crocs fed), the Historical Museum, the beach nearly every day, and watched an Opera and had a meal right at the waterside. The sorts of things you do on holiday.


Cygnette Bay was very close to the place where the first European, the English pirate Dampier landed in Australia and was named after his ship.

It is the location of Australia’s largest locally owned cultured pearl producers



2 thoughts on “Broome – a Holiday kind of Town

  1. Sounds so lovely. I’ve always wanted to go to Broome. Understand fully your disinclination to pack up and move after many road trip/camping trips in my time. And why would you want to, when you are clearly in paradise?!! (Again a stark contrast to Sydney-town at the moment- even when we had brilliant spring weather this weekend!)

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