Kimberley Colours

”If one were to paint this country in it’s true colours,I doubt it would ever be believed.It would be said at least that the artist exaggerated greatly,for never have I seen such richness and variety of hue as in these ranges” Mary Durack

Downstream of the Dam, the Ord River now runs at a constant level, instead of drying up into rock pools in the dry.

The colours of sky, water and rust stained ridges are vivid beyond the normal palette

Mary Durack, the author of “Kings in Grass Castles” was the grand-daughter of the founder of Argyll Downs Station, which is now covered by 16 metres  of water in the centre of Lake Argyll. The original homestead was disassembled and rebuilt about 2 km across the ridges from the caravan park to make an interesting museum recording the history of the area and the Durack family who left Ireland and built a cattle kingdom in the Kimberlies.


The view from the ridge opposite the caravan park on the walk to the Durack Homestead Museum which is just inland from this cove,

16 km from its original position, now submerged under the waters of Lake Argyll.

Mary was spot on about the colours. When you see the colours of the Kimberley reproduced in a movie like “Australia” or in large-scale photographs you might think they have supersaturated the colours and increased the contrast and sharpening to an unnatural degree. You would be wrong. The colours and the landscape are simply overwhelming and this is a gallery of images trying to record just a little about this landscape as I have seen it.

Two Silhouettes


Half an hour after the sun has set the colours still linger in the sky and paint their traces across the lake

Well before sunrise, the distinctive shape of a young Boab tree is silhouetted against the pale sky preparing for another day at Lake Argyll


An early morning panorama of Lake Argyll taken from the Water Tower Lookout

In early morning light this panorama shows Lake Argyll as seen from the Water Tower Lookout.




2 thoughts on “Kimberley Colours

  1. The photos are beautiful Gary, what a wonderful creator we have to come up with perfect sunrise/sunsets every day! Stories are great too. I feel like I’m on holidays with you.

    • I’m so glad you are having a virtual holiday with us Kylie – please show your Mum if you get the opportunity and give her our love. Writing the blog is a real joy actually, despite the fact that Julie sometimes thinks I am becoming obsessed! I enjoy writing thinking about the audience. When I wrote about Lake Nash it was knowing that most people have no idea why aboriginal people would choose to live in such remote places, when I wrote about crocodiles I was thinking about my grandchildren and how infants primary kids get so interested in dinosaurs when we have such amazing carnivorous reptiles right her now. Lovely to hear from you – let everybody in the gong know how we are getting on

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