Kombi Kulture Kult

I have taken liberties with spelling to suggest possibly a newer, gentler KKK. What is it with cults, when something that people would only drive if they couldn’t afford somewhere to sleep under a roof, become highly sort after and desirable 40 years later? Such is the status of the original, venerable Volkswagen Kombi van, used by tradesmen and delivery men until they were passed to hippies and poverty striken travellers.Now they are sort after by collectors.

To carry the KKK one stage to far this is a Kombi Kourtesy Koach, possibly the only one in existence and a little past it’s prime.

Once used to pick up guests staying at the “famous” Barkley Homestead, midway across the Barkley Highway in the Northern Territory,

it now appears to be suitable for parts only.

Not so anymore apparently. I have two friends, John from Gymea and Jono from Camooweal who both own 40 plus year old VW Kombis, and wouldn’t part with them for a current BMW, just to stick with German cars.

My experience with a Kombi was only unpleasant, being driven for up to 6 hours a day all around NSW to deliver leaflets (read early “junk mail” for Reuben F Scarf’s suits in 1965. That VW had no fourth gear, blue smoke aplenty and the noise was unbearable.

I am told that true believers will do anything to find parts or the ultimate – a repairable body of the rare “splittie” – the first split screen model produced during the 1950’s.

Searching country junkyards, even the use of Google Earth to peer into backyards of rural properties – apparently even the mention of such a rarity on the internet in a posting like this could bring out the hardened collector and then – anything could happen – after all they are from the KKK


5 thoughts on “Kombi Kulture Kult

  1. Hi,
    You are so right about the old Kombi Van, people are searching and every now and then you will see one on the road all done up, with kitchens etc. They really look good.
    I have gone through your blog, you have some very nice photo’s, and have seen some wonderfull places, and I should imagine met some very nice people as well. Happy travels.

  2. G’day Gary and Julie, it’s really great to follow your trip this way. A great photo of the kombi, all you said about collectors, yep, so true, travel for miles to pick-up something like that. Still see the odd one around here though, even spotted an original ” Campmobile” a couple of weeks ago. Yes l was very supprised, was parked at the sub in Holbrook, but l didn’t have time to talk to the owner, just drove past very slowly. Thanks again………Phil Janet and boys.

    • Wyllies – Thanks again for commenting on the blog. I am enjoying writing it – sometimes it is hard to know whether what I find interesting will interest othersso it is a matter of trial and error. Jono swore me to secrecy about a certain wreckers yard he still has to check himself.

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