Daly Waters – why stop †here?


Julie consider one reason for stopping at Daly Waters – the need for a soft drink on a very hot day

Daly Waters

Although just a quick lunchtime stop on our way from Banka Banka to Mataranka there were several reasons why we could not go past the very quaint Australian town of Daly Waters.  Apart from being one of the prim barra fishing spots it has won the Northern Territory best tourist town for several years.  The main reason is the name Daly has family significance and has been used for generations in the Hulm/Adget family for both boys and girls.  There is hope that this tradition may still continue.

On a tin shed that looks somewhat like the outline of Australia this bloke makes timber signs to order and stirs non stop any passer-by.

The pub is the central attraction and provides a cool and interesting place for a very large lemon, lime and bitters.  Its walls are  covered with the things tourists commonly leave behind – caps of every description and currency from every known country.  Its barra burgers looked good too but we had already eaten.

Is there anyone left in Ireland? Everyone working in the hospitality industry in the Northern Territory seems to speak with a strong Irish accent. Not that I’m prejudiced, mind. Julie’s ancestor who arrived in this colony in chains had an Irish background I believe

In keeping with its Australian nature there was plenty of suspect humour about mothers in law, caravans and drivers.  One sign at the kerb indicated “angle parking only – any angle you like”.

The same angle parking “rule” applies in caravan parks. We were first into the park in Timber Creek this morning

and were told we could put the van wherever and however we liked and everyone would have to fit around us!

A picture – or two, tell the story.

IN CASE THIS BLOG BECOME AN ELECTION ISSUE. Gary takes full responsibility for Images and their captions while Julie has to own up to the story



2 thoughts on “Daly Waters – why stop †here?

  1. Hi Julie and Gary,

    I am enjoying a vicarious trip around Australia thanks to you both – enjoying both photos and text.
    I love the photo of the Georgina River – hopefully you might get some waterlily shots around Kakadu ? or elsewhere? not sure if that’s on your itinerary. Monet’s waterlilies have led me into a love affair with the (artistic) subject.
    Our good wishes to you for the rest of your journey – may the Lord watch over you and keep you both is His care
    Elizabeth ( & Graeme)

  2. Hi Elizabeth – I am so thankful that you are able to have a holiday with us c/o the blog. The waterlilies are at there best in late Autumn in the Georgina, which was when I was there last and I took so many pictures of lilies that people were saying – enough lillies!
    You have reminded me that I must do a blog posting on flowers as I have been getting some good shots while walking out here. You and Graham would be in your element up here. We met Peter and Alison Muller in Camooweal who are obviously very keen walkers with an interest in bird watching/photography and we have been tracking back over their paths

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