This little Piggy went to Market?

“This is a tale about an unprejudiced heart, and how it changed our valley forever.”
from the movie Babe

We have visited markets while traveling in Egypt, Africa and South America.

An important feature of every market is food. This market happens to be in Cairo and features fresh fruit,

something which seems to be in short supply at Mindil Beach.

Thursday in Darwin in Market Day at Mindil Beach and it seems to be where everybody goes – that is our impression from the 5000 cars in the car park, the buses that run from caravan park and the stream of people walking towards the beach from town.

Markets everywhere have in common: sales; people; craft; food; colour; action; excitement.

All kinds of entertainment are found at the markets as well as selling things.

Singers, bands, even a cattle dog demonstration but one place to get to sit down is to have your future predicted by the fall of the Tarot cards.


I guess the things that made this market different were the fact that it is once a week only, operating after working hours, with lots of entertainment and in a spectacular setting, with the sun setting directly over the beach. Thousands stood and sat on the sand watching the sun slowly dip towards the horizon and then with a rush to be extinguished by the ocean. I’d say 25% of those watching had cameras, trying to capture the amazing colours, which actually improve as the sunsets and the colours fade from red through blue and purple in the sky. Interestingly there was a round of applause when the sun disappeared and then the audience disappeared back into the stalls, looking for food, drink and entertainment.

There were lots of art and craft on display as well and we spent a lot of time looking at the aboriginal art. Many stands actually had the artists present, often working and prepared to explain the symbolism in the paintings, talk about the techniques they used and their experience in becoming traditional artists.

The art is amazing but so is the artist whose passion to tell her story is obvious to anyone with ears to listen

We have been looking for some aboriginal art for our home for three years. Around the Camooweal region there is no long tradition of art – it has been more a natural part of the culture in the Northern Territory, Central Australia and Western Desert country. We watched an amazing woman artist, Sondra working on a massive canvas so quickly and confidently placing the dots while explaining the message in her art. My photograph deliberately does not include the art but pays homage to her enthusiasm to pass on her culture and art to anyone interested to speak to her. She was very excited, when I spoke to her to tell me of trip to Italy in the next month, where she has been invited to demonstrate her painting techniques and talk about her art. Her paintings would be worth vastly more than we could afford and are also of a scale too large for a normal house – they need a very large blank wall to do them justice so we chose a small piece by Reggie Sultan, a Kaytety Aboriginal artist from Barrow Creek, in Central Australia painting in the non-naturalistic or non-figurative styles made up of geometric patterns.


5 thoughts on “This little Piggy went to Market?

  1. I love markets !! nothing better than a bargain 🙂 sounds like ur having an amazing time !! The photos are beautiful, esp those artworks.. stunning !!

  2. Gary, just a correction 🙂
    I think you meant to say that reggie is a “Kaytety” man, spellings vary kaditj kaytity etc.
    Of course if I have the tribal group wrong then you may be correct, but Barrow Creek is Kaytetye country.

  3. Thanks Nicole – I think Markets are not only good for a bargain, but entertainment, eduvation and just plain wasting time. Glad you are enjoying the photos. Did you get the email about Tullamore with the photos I sent.? If not then I will send again as I have fixed my email problem.

    • Hey Mr Lawrence
      Hahaaha very true , my dad would certainly agree on the wasting time bit haha, a quick scan is enough for him to see if anything is worth while looking at. About the emails i have just replied sorry for the delay, i cant get into my emails on my lap top anymore so i have to use the very slow main one. But i did not manage to recieve any photos but no worries, when ever you can is more than fine 🙂

      • Thanks Nicole – have been out of touch with no internet for three days. I have sent you another email with pictures – will be slow to download because there are a lot of photos – let me know if they come through.

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