How’s it going

Traveling technology has changed the way we keep in touch. Once upon a time when the likes of Dick Whittington left his village for the big city he was never heard from again. The “penny post” was extremely expensive and anyway, most people were illiterate. Until the overland telegraph reached Darwin it took months for a message to come by very slow ship to Australia.

On our first trip overseas for 4 weeks in 2004 overseas calls were so expensive we never made any ,while finding what was happening in Australia was really hard. When local media was in English there was never any mention of Australia. We sent postcards back, but couldn’t get messages sent to us unless it was an emergency, which, thankfully there wasn’t. Traveling overseas teaches you that we might be a big country but to the rest of the world we aren’t very significant. Coming home always teaches you that you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, however!

In 2007 when we traveled to South America there was widespread availability of the Internet in hotels, and we could exchange emails and even read the Sydney Morning Herald online before your time ran out. Sometimes it is nice to know stuff that’s happened at home, even if it was my eldest son writing his bike off in an accident but thankfully with only minor injuries. In 2010 it is so easy to travel with a computer, little net books are small enough and cheap enough to carry in a backpack on a plane and a USB modem allows you relatively cheap access to Internet.

Enter the traveling blog, like this one, PassingTime. Neither of us have ever been regular diarists but I have always valued those who keep a journal not just for the record of what you are doing, saying and especially feeling but also for the value of reflection. Taking the time to consider each day what you have done and plan for what you do is something that many creative people do as a matter of course as part of their daily outing. Actually publishing what you produce is possibly a bit of an affectation but one of the advantages of today is that almost everyone can be a Boswell, living an ordinary life but documenting the life going on around them.

To answer the question above. We are our second last day in Darwin just doing the tourist thing. It has been over 35 degrees every day since we have been here, and it is still midwinter! It is too hot to sleep comfortably at night and we appreciate the air conditioning in our van. We are one month into our trip with four to go. Five thousand Km traveled and fifteen to go. Everyday we speak to someone different at the pool, laundry and hear a different story from somewhere else. In some ways these interactions are shallow in that we will probably never meet or speak to them again but new places, people and experiences certainly are a spice to life if you can afford them


3 thoughts on “How’s it going

  1. Two comments today Dad. ” especially feeling but also for the value of reelection.” Firstly did you perhaps mean recollection?

    Secondly “people and experiences certainly are a spice to life if you can afford them”. I shudder to think what your 5000km worth of spice must have cost thus far.

    I have had a quiet week at work getting in plenty of running and gym time. Speaking of the gym have you been suffering gym withdrawals in your month of gallivanting. Kylie said thanks for the face book message. We did have a great time at the snow and will probably do it again in the next month or so. Looks like you are both still having a great time and we are still enjoying reading about the trip. I am sure the blog takes up a considerable amount of your time but keep it up.

    Lots of love Dan, Kyles and the rug rats.

    PS Tyler had a massive stack on his bike today and the left side of his face is pretty beet up. nothing permanent though.

    • Freudian slip Daniel _ will go back and edit if I got it wrong as I certainly meant reflection, the review of past actions, words, thoughts given time to carefully consider. The second comment was certainly made recognising that lots of people, including ourselves when at your stage of life couldn’t take such a journey. Today is a bit nostalgic – we visited Katherine Gorge – last here with you & Stu almost exactly 31 years ago. Couldn’t swim in the river like we did then as a big saltie moved up with the floods! It’s changed so much except it is still stinking hot!
      Glad to hear the Tyler may have just learned to be a little more cautious rather then any permanent damage. Thanks for letting me know you are enjoying the blog. Love to the kids

  2. reelection is now as it should be – reflection (thanks to Daniel’s astute editing skills- glad to see someone is reading who thinks he can spell!). I would like it known that I am not, at this stage, standing for re-election for any public position, being quite satisfied with my current, unelected, private position.

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