Out and bout with Camera

“I Got a Nikon Camera – I Like to take a Photograph”  – Simon & Garfunkle

I guess the above quote shows my age but not as much as the next line “Don’t take my Kodachrome away”!

The last 24 hours has seen my first opportunity to actually get around with my camera and take photos. We are camped on the Eastern outskirts of Mt Isa, with a very high stony ridge separating us from the town with views back towards the remnant mountain cores that surround the town and towards the town with its smoke stacks. Last night I clambered up the hill and with the sun setting behind me, photographed the vista over the caravan park. It is not quite as high as appears here – it was an extreme wide-angle (11mm ) lens.


East of Mt Isa at sunset

Despite the dangerous walk down the path, which reminded me that I have fallen with this camera before, I was inspired to wake before 6.30 and be back at the top in the nautical dawn, about 45 minutes before sunrise. With camera on tripod I took brackets of five shots with varying exposures every 5 minutes for 40 minutes. It is amazing the difference in the light that occurs in just seconds as the sun actually breaks the horizon. That is the picture I am displaying here.

While looking down I had spotted a nearly dry watercourse, not far from the caravan park but not visible from ground level. Half an hours “bush bashing” got me to an extremely typical view of this environment, which is simultaneously beautiful and hostile.

Creek Bed Panorama Mt Isa

Tomorrow I will leave Julie to a quiet day and head off for a – tour of the under ground “Hard Times” mine. Not only do I have to sign away any liability for any accident but I can’t take a camera!


4 thoughts on “Out and bout with Camera

  1. GARY & JULIE,
    Just a quick 1, following you daily (don’t have much else to da for now), the trip making me very envious, wish I was doing the same instead of working and stuck inside 4 walls. Birthday yesterday with everyone over.
    Your house is still there and very quiet.
    How are the early morning walks going? Imagine it would be special from the photos.
    Caravan looks very roomy – just keep using the wide angle.
    Have fun – Greg

    • Happy birthday. Thanks for the message Greg – I don’t mind you being envious. I am pleased you are following the blog – it’s a way of sharing the experiences with others not as fortunate as we are with opportunity and health. Yes – when we are stopped I go out of the morning with camera – here it has been very cool in the morning – was freezing waiting for the sun to come up on the ridge outside Mt. Isa. Julie and I were just looking at the map from Katherine West to Broome and it is exciting to contemplate some of the stops there.

  2. Hi Gary n Julie.
    i too am following and loving your stories and pics. The only thing I wish is that there were more pics…. you see that you make me even more jealous! what a beautiful country we have… and your photography skills arent’ too bad either 🙂 Keep enjoying yourselves, and then we can enjoy it too.


    • Hi Kylie (and Mark) thanks for letting me know you are following the blog. You are the second person to ask for more photo’s. I probably have taken 1500+ in three weeks and I have been trying to be disciplined and choose one photo that fits the story – I will take into account your request.

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