Footsteps Frozen in Time

Lark Quarry – Out from Winton

Ignoring the oft-stated timeframes, take yourself back in time to when dinosaurs did roam across Australia.  The land is flat, sandy and covered with very different lush vegetation.  There was water aplenty. An assortment of small and medium sized dinosaurs the size of large chickens and sheep, come down to the water to drink.  Following behind is an eight-ton creature (looking something like a Tyrannosaurs Rex (TR)).  The small dinosaurs scatter and run in all directions as TR chases in the hope of a catch.  Despite his size he is able to move very quickly and most likely succeeds in his quest.

The site shows the large footprints of TR as he strides out, slips and regains his footing during the chase.  The thousands of other footprints show those smaller dinosaurs running for their lives.


The large footprint of a carnivorous Therapod mixed with 1000’s of prints of smaller dinosaurs in a chaotic stampede across the mud flat

This unique site and its’ “stampede” contribute knowledge about the social nature of dinosaurs and how they lived.

Today there are no dinosaurs and the land at this site is very different.  In the distance are rugged red mountains contrasting with the vivid blue sky and striking greens of the sparse vegetation. Water is scarce and the high temperatures are beyond the tolerance of these creatures from the past.

The modern arid landscape covering the history of the times of the dinosaurs


2 thoughts on “Footsteps Frozen in Time

  1. Hi,
    I have wanted to go to see this for a long time, I think it is fascinating, not only about the dinosaurs but the difference in the landscape as well, very nice pictures, Thank You I enjoyed reading the post.

    • Thanks for the comment I checked out your blog as well and I see you have an interest in fossils as well as many other things – you will find my blog hopes to be a quirky, interesting look at my travels rather than a travelog/slideshow – Gary

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