It’s a long, long road!


“One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. Which road do I take? she asked.

Where do you want to go?  was his response. I don’t know, Alice answered. Then, said the cat, it doesn’t matter”

Lewis Carroll



Car and Caravan look “country” now

As we write this from Charleville Queensland we have traveled 1470 km in 7 days. So far we have experienced about 7 “long” roads. On the Great Western Highway, we were competing with thousands of other vehicles for road real estate. Once we branched off after Lithgow, however, “highway” describes a two-lane road, usually well-sealed and maintained but with little traffic to distract us from enjoying the scenery. It’s been a wet start to 2010 in Eastern Australia, so everything has been green and lush.

On our trip to Tullamore we saved lots of distance by taking the local back road from Peak Hill. After about 20 km of good, narrow bitumen we were faced by 40 kms of wet, red dirt road. While it was wide and well graded compared with some we have experienced, there had been heavy rain in the past 24 hours and deep puddles and mud often covered our way. The photo shows the road in one of the better stretches where it was possible to get out with the camera. Soon after, the car and the caravan were heavily caked with red mud, all over. We have now decided to avoid dirt roads where possible!

Leaving two days later, the local road from Tullamore to Nyngan via Tottenham was straight smooth and flat bitumen for 140 km, with fields rich and green with potential crops, stretching to the horizon on both sides.

In another two days driving the Mitchell Highway we have covered 850 km. During that time we have seen 2 motorcycles, dozens of trucks and caravans beyond counting. Grey Power!

In the next 19 weeks we hope to travel 20,000 km, over more than 20 major roads before we rest our heads at home again.

It’s a long, long road!


6 thoughts on “It’s a long, long road!

  1. Hi Gary & Julie,

    just to cheer you up. In some country towns you can find a garage where you can hire a high pressure water sprayer to clean the mud of you lovely new ford & caravan.

    Glad you are well on your way now without too many problems.
    Yes, I think you had better stay away from the dirt roads!!! Glad you didn’t get bogged on way to Tullamore. It is pretty wet in Sydney last few days as well, with more forcast for next week as well.

    Christian Love, Ross & Marilyn.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about cleaning Ross. Ron Horsborough and I got p off the worst but the mud under the chassis can stay there until December. I expect that the NT and WA will have plenty of dust and the odd spot of mud to add to the rich red concrete material from around Tullamore

  3. How is Nygnan after the floods- what is the water level in the ?(River) Can’t remember the name of it! Did you go via Engonia? Take any pics?

    • There was water still flowing in the river – there had been a lot of rain in the area and it was very lush looking. I suspect there will be a bumper wheat harvest although we have driven through quite a few locust swarms and it is very early in the season. We didn’t stop but kept on going to Bourke – stayed in Kidman’s Camp in North Bourke. Drove through Engonnia again – 2nd time in 3 years and still haven’t stopped there. This was part of the trip where we covered 1500 km in 4 days.

  4. Hey Mum and Dad,

    Hope you are both well and enjoying the 35+ days, I do very much miss that weather. We are both enjoying reading about your adventure . Dad so very glad you bought a “real” car for such a journey! No Holden could have done this!! Keep up the amazing photos and don’t be shy to open her up dad she can handle anything you throw at her.. LOL

    take care will call soon.

    Love Kyles

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