Tullamore – a step back in time for Gary

For trivia buffs – Tullamore is the first place mentioned in the song “I’ve been everywhere, man!”

The Western Sky from the verandah of Ron and Elva’s house

How flat it is out here, with enormous colorful skies and roads that stretch on in an attempt to reach horizons that just go on and on.

With recent rain, and more expected next week, the young wheat crops are looking very healthy and there is a promise of a good harvest in November.

The highlight of this stop was the two days/nights we spent with Ron and Elva Horsborough. This dear Christian couple, now in their late 70s, befriended Gary 44 years ago during his first teaching appointment at Tullamore.  They are still befriending those in need and have continued to faithfully serve God in this district.


This tiny township has changed little since Gary was here in 1967 and 68. What has changed is the school, which now has twice the number of buildings, four times the number of secondary teachers (now 4) to meet the needs of a school population that has remained about the same.




5 thoughts on “Tullamore – a step back in time for Gary

  1. Hi Julie & Gary, Glad to read your blog at last, we’ve been checking every day – just goes to show what an exciting life we lead. We’re happy to read you, your car and caravan have kept out of mischief on the road. Loved the old churches, not unlike the ones in Adelaide except in a rural setting. Your old school practically sound like its bursting at the seams compared to when you first taught there…. it must have brought back many good and happy memories Gary.
    Lovely day today, Chris, Mitchell and Jess took all the rubbish up for Monday big cleaning day and nearly finished cleaning out gutters. Greg is well and will write next. Keep on enjoying you trip. Love Beryl and Greg.

    • Hi Beryl, just sitting here in Barcaldine in Central Queensland composing another blog post and your comment came up on the email.
      I am so glad you have been following our comments. So far we have shared the posts, although the photos are mine. Julie wrote about Gulgong and Tullamore ones (although, since I do the posting, I sneak in the final edit {usually the silly quotes}).
      Tullamore was mixed feelings for me – I was incredibly lonely and isolated there, and very pleased to leave.
      I think they are throwing money at the schools out there with very little effect on improving the education. It was lovely to see my old friends again and for Julie to see such a n important place in the making of Gary

  2. Hi julie

    jsut wanted to wihs you a happy birthday. Loving the blogs and the photos are truly amazing. youa re doing the beautiful country proud!

    • Hi Diana. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Julie had a very quiet significant birthday – only a short 180km drive from Mount Isa to Camooweal, but in a 38 year marriage and 2 year courtship, the first birthday without a gift. I hope to find something significant on the trip. I am glad you are enjoying the photos – it has been a passion of mine since I was very young. The landscapes tend to be bracketed exposures blended in photoshop to extend the tonal range. As long as you can get the exposure right out here it’s hard to take a bad photo as the landscape is just so amazing.

  3. Hey Mr Lawrence !!
    Nicole here. So sorry for a such a late reply! First day back at school today after the two week holiday and only just recieved your letter and photo. Thank you very much for the photo mum loves it and it was great to here from you ! Thank you for the best wishes for our HSC i will be sure to pass it on. It is coming closer and closer with my dance HSC in less than five weeks and trials in 3 weeks ! Where does the time go, i am still remebering year 8 science as if it was just last week!! SCARY !!

    This website you and your wife have created is amazing, i am enjoying reading about all your exciting journeys. Especially Tullamore ! The photo is absolutely gorgeous, I would love to see more when you return, it looks a lot more “green” than it did last time i was there and i am glad to hear they are fiinally being blessed with some rain .Hope the flies were not too bad but i bet the nights were freezing ! I do miss the red soil and the way it sticks to everything, looks like your car will need a serious bath when you get back !
    Glad to hear all is well with Uncle Ron and Aunty Elva and I can only imagine how pleased and excited you all were to catch up again !
    Not much has changed at school yet, everyone trying to settle back down to early mornings and routines after a relaxing holiday !
    Hope you and your wife continue to enjoy yourselves on the rest of your trip and lap up the endless horizons and the adventures along the way. Hope the rest of your trip is safe and I will continue to read your blogs and follow your fun filled journey while I sit at home “studying”. haha 🙂

    Sorry again for such a late reply 🙂 🙂 ENJOY !!
    Nicole Press xo

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