Mudgee – first stop

These enormous 1000 gallon barrels were moved from the Queen Victoria Building to the winery or Pieter Van Gent

They are so big that there is a door built into the barrel to enable the barrels to be cleaned after a vintage has matured in the oak. Julie and Terry are discussing the art of wine making.

Despite teaching in the Central West I have never been to Mudgee. It is a very prosperous looking country town with many historic buildings. It is surrounded by hills that were produced incredible amounts of gold in the early days at places like Hill End but today the gold standard comes through the vines and the wineries – there must be fifty in the area. We took a guided afternoon tour with Terry, a Harley riding ex-postmaster from Gulgong, the town that claims Henry Lawson (the poet not the fast bowler). We saw four wineries in three hours and enjoyed the afternoon.


One thought on “Mudgee – first stop

  1. Looks like my kind of place….and sounds like a place I would like to visit. Have not been there myself either…put it on the wish list I think!

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