Canberra – Capital Place to find

Canberra is one of those National capitals that were developed out of nowhere – in this case built on the pastures of sheep stations because the State Capitals,  Sydney and Melbourne were neither prepared to have the other pre eminent in the new Nation of Australia. Some people find such places over planned and soulless, compared with places which just grew from scratch, but I love the way that planning, time and money can bring not only amazing facilities, but also a design which fits people and function into the environment. The photo below is a panorama, and I am not sure how it will display, of the water cleansing lake/pond at an outer Canberra suburb of Dunlop, where my son Daniel and his family live. The fact that this was built before housing, complete with walking paths and horse trails, with monuments acknowledging the work of the surveyors who spent years mapping the area is what makes Canberra special – and then there are the people – not all politicians and public servants – some of them are soldiers like Daniel and his family.

The other special people , for us are our grandchildren. We spent a morning walking and riding scooters around Lake Burley Griffin near the National Art Gallery

Bradley (6) and Imogen (4) decided to hide in the Autum colored gardens from their little brother.

While Tyler (nearly 3) was most unimpressed that they had left him out.


4 thoughts on “Canberra – Capital Place to find

    • Thanks Steve – I am so thankful that you are around to provide so much care for Mum while we are gone. If you want to keep me up to date with how she is going but not on the blog, just hit me with an email.

  1. Found the blog! Loving it already and you are only just leaving Sydney on your big adventure as I type!!! Mum phoned me for my birthday! Very sad talking to her! Made me so miserable that I can’t be closer to her! I will enjoy showing her your blog when I am with her from Tuesday to Friday! Have a wonderful time! Love you both!!!!

  2. Thanks Chez – happy birthday BTW – was a bit busy driving to Mudgee but it was a very smooth trip. Freezing here all the pipes frozen in the park this morning and a nice layer of frost on the Ford – Julie is remembering why we have never been caravaning or camping in winter!
    I got the email from Robyn about Dad’s rose – will be fantastic if you are there for the planting – a photo would be wonderful.
    Don’t be sad about the distance between you and Mum but treasure each visit and call you get to share – love back from us both

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