Tumbarumba – Beautiful place with special people

Part of preparation for our trip is seeing the people we will be away from for five months – so we need to make a trip to visit our children and grandchildren.

Tumbarumba is the beautiful little towns in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in NSW and also the hometown of my wife Julie. She left for Sydney, employment and later marriage and children in 1969 but her sister and family still live there as does our son Stuart his wife Rebecca, daughter Shayna and son Mason.

Here is a link to information about the town http://www.visitnsw.com/area/Tumbarumba_and_Surrounds.aspx but I prefer one of my photos.

My brother in law Malcolm Stuart has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is unergoing chemotherapy to slow it’s advance. He always had a good head of red hair but is now trialling the Kojak look.

The other person most changed since our last visit is our youngest grandchild, Mason. Since we last saw him at Christmas he is very mobile and starting to talk. It is amazing to see the genesis of personality in the young. He is a very happy, sociable little boy who loves being outside, especially if he can get to sit in his father’s ancient Datsun ute.


2 thoughts on “Tumbarumba – Beautiful place with special people

    • Hi Shayna – thanks for the response. Yes your Dad had told me to keep that picture because he wants Mason to know about that ute when he is 18 and the ute is no more! The landscape up here is so different from Tumba. I has been 36 – 38 degrees every day and last night we slept with the air conditioner on all night – the minimum temperatures here have been records for July – about 26 degrees – to hot to sleep! Lioe to hear from you – I will get Julie to write next time – love to Mum and Dad and a squeeze for Mason

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