Picking up a car and meeting a dog

I was quite happy to use my 2000 model Ford Fairmont Ghia as the towing platform for our planned trip but the option to get a newer 2009 model Ford G6E was too much too resist. It’s 6 speed auto gearbox will certainly help out with towing.

While we were staying with my sister Cheryl and brother in law Graham Benn each morning was spent walking with their dogs. The youngest Bree was a real live-wire when walking for an hour but liked a good lie down and a rest when we got back home.


2 thoughts on “Picking up a car and meeting a dog

    • Paula you cannot believe how pleased I was to see this comment. Julie gave me heaps about that post – “Why would anyone be interested about someone else’s dog!!!” Apparently the blog was to about travel and nothing else. I have prevailed and the dog even has a comment. My brother in law Graham, owner? of said pooch would be pleased. Bree lives on a hobby farm of 20 acres or so near the Grafton airport and is used to chasing rabbits. Would Wilma like some excercise because Bree never stops running!

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