Flying like it used to be

Buying another newer car for my trip entailed a trip from Sydney to Grafton (about 500 km North) to pick up the car and then drive back.

This was my first trip in a propellor driven plane for 35 years. That time was a Fokker Friendship this time in a Saab 340B. A maximum of 33 onboard including the 2 pilots and the hostess. I think REX aviation now fly more of these aircraft than anyone else in the world, having bought and refitted 25 from American Eagle. Saab stopped building them in 1998.

Landing in Taree after 30 minutes to drop off one passenger and taking off again for the flight to Grafton also meant that we spent more time taking off and landing than flying. The things that we have forgotten after flying internationally on the big jets is the difference that flying low and slow makes to what you can see out the window and how noisy a propellor plane is!

As you can see from the background to the jet it was a bumpy flight and landing through some storm clouds


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