Passing~Time with Gary & Julie Lawrence

Road Map of Projected Trip

Julie and Gary Lawrence are in the planning stage of our long anticipated trip across the northern and western parts of Australia. We hope to leave at the start of July and spend five months to return in December. The Map shows the distance to be about 12000 km. but with side excursions we expect it will be closer to 20,000 km by the time we get home. We will be towing our 4.3 m (14ft) Avan caravan with our Ford Falcon and mainly sticking to the main bitumen roads. For those not used to the Australian outback, these “highways” are very narrow when you leave the east coast and are often pretty rugged. They are also populated by hugh trucks travelling at high speed.


15 thoughts on “Passing~Time with Gary & Julie Lawrence

    • Phil – you win the grand prize for the first ever non Gary comment on this blog. Since my caravan only has one bed I will have to negotiate with my wife and yours to see if you can take up the prize and come with us!

  1. All packed up and ready to go??? Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing your travel pics.
    May God bless you & Julies time away in our wonderful land. Enjoy!!!! and relax if you can….

    • Not quite packed yet Ross – some things actually can’t be done until Saturday morning – like wash the sheets (and leave them on the line for the boys to bring in. Tomorrow I have to take my van, pump up the tyres and find a park where I can practise attaching the new walls for the awnings so that I can put them up under less pressure when we have to put them up in the dark or the rain. Julie is concerned that the temperature at Bathurst at dawn was minus 8 degrees – might make it chilly camped by the river in Mudgee for three nights.

  2. Hope Mudgee is a great start to your epic journey!! How did you go putting up the new walls on your annexe? I hope your practise session stood you in good stead! Enjoy your 3 days relaxing in Mudgee! Hope it’s not too freezing for Julie! Can’t wait to read your blogs! Keep ’em coming!

    • Our caravan is parked next to a big concrete slab and our walls really need to be pegged down so we have postponed the test setup probably until Camooweal in 2 weeks time. Tried the local Presbyterian Church this morning – very young Malaysian Minister with a good message but hard work for him here I imagine – he doesn’t look any older than Simon and I imagine there will be lots of “walls” in a country town like this. Went on an organised winery tour this afternoon. Thanks for the message – have a good relaxing holiday BTW and give my love to Mum

  3. Hi Julie and Gary, by now you will be on your way! Look forward to keeping an eye on your blog to get all your updates. The road trip map looks very exciting. Rug up! Amanda (ATO)

  4. Hi Amanda – yes we are on our way – three days in cold Mudgee – glad you are keeping track of us, we are keen o share our experiences with our friends

  5. Hi, Gary!

    Love the photos already. What camera are you using?

    Hope the trip is a ‘spiritual journey’ as well as a physical one, and that God teaches you many things about yourself, bonds you closer to Julie, and that you come back reinvigorated / refreshed / rejuvenated!


    • Thanks for the reply Andrew. My camera is my Nikon D300 and so far I have only been using my 18 – 200 “walk around” lens. You will find references in my next Tullamore entry to an important spirititual part of the pilgrimage and I certainly am hoping that it will be a fulfilling trip in every way. I believe that it might be too much to expect “rejuvenation!”

  6. Hi Gary & Julie
    Hope the trip is going well and you are now enjoying time in Tullamore by now. Not sure if you want to be kept informed of the Lawrence Family History – but Jane’s death certificate (1867) arrived today. Would you rather leave it all until your return or should I email you a copy now?

    • Yes marilyn – keep me up to date while ever I can get email – I have just spent 3 days in a Telsta blackhole but am now able to catch up with correspondence and would love to hear about my great grandmother – even if it is her untimely death

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